Terms and Conditions

Agreements regarding maintenance

• JVH webbouw is responsible for the maintenance of the website at the URL: https://yourwebsite.com/
• The website is up-to-date at the time of acquisition or, in consultation with JVH webbouw, the updating of the website has been taken into account, so that the updates start from a solid starting point;
• Maintenance involves updating the software (WordPress and current plugins) and repairing the websites when bugs are a direct consequence of this;
• Installing new plugins may affect this agreement. Calamities caused by plugins installed after the conclusion of this agreement do not fall within the terms of this agreement;
• The customer retains access to the environment of the website + other technical credentials (FTP / DirectAdmin);
• For other activities related to performance, adjustments or new functionalities, JVH works on the basis of an hour estimate.
• The agreement is established for one year and can then be canceled monthly;
• The costs for the subscription are billed quarterly;
• Costs are € 25.00 per month;

Package contents (optional)

1. Uptime monitoring every 60 seconds the site is pinged and in case of issues notification by mail and slack to us for support
2. Back-ups every 24 hours up to 90 days, so 90 restore points with one click roll back
3. Security scan + security admin dashboard
4. WordPress updates and plugin updates performed and maintained by JVH.
a. Safe update option
i. Backup in advance
ii. Pre-screenshot of site visually
iii. Implement updates
iv. Visual screenshot afterwards of site
v. Screenshot comparison
vi. In case of difference in screenshot or error code automatically roll back
b. Periodic maintenance by JVH
c. Monitoring security vulnerabilities plugins + fix
d. JVH resolved issues free of charge
5. Frequent performance check (optional)
6. Frequent SEO keyword monitoring (optional)
7. Link monitor (broken links, 404's etc.) with reporting (optional)
8. Reports (optional)


You will receive a hosting package so that your domain name, SSL certification, web hosting and email are arranged in one place.

Package contents:
a. Domain name
b. A Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for a green lock and a secure connection.
c. You can create 50 mailboxes and together with the website space, where a website normally does not reach the 1GB, you have 10GB of space. Can of course be scaled up if necessary.
d. Hosting of the website on our server
e. Support department at your disposal with ticket system. Every day, tickets are distributed among our specialists in several rounds. The starting point is to help you with your questions. You can expect us to provide you with concrete solutions or proactive advice. Contact can be done by e-mail or by telephone if preferred.

Costs for hosting are: € 19.95 p / month this will be per
billed quarterly and monthly after the first year
can be canceled

How to deal with calamities

For non-urgent problems you can always email support@jvhwebbouw.nl. Usually we will respond within 24 hours. You can always make a call after your ticket on 085 022 02 11.
• In case of urgent malfunctions during office hours (for example: website down, JVH error screen or a specific error code such as: 502, 503, 504, etc.) email support@jvhwebbouw.nl and call our office 085 022 02 11.
• Outside office hours and on weekends you can contact our support department on 06-10753888. It is best to first whatsapp and describe the issue and then call. In addition, we would like to ask you to assess an issue for urgency. Our support department is available, but only for really urgent issues that require immediate action. Than
you will also be helped as quickly as possible.

• When describing an issue, it is important that it is clearly described. Consider: taking screenshots, when does the problem occur; in which browser; on what device.

• Normally we charge € 150.00 per reported issue unless the issue falls within the SLA. (for example due to updates or regarding security, etc.)

Our details

JVH hosting and MoveNext - media design will be standing together for you in the coming period. We at JVH hosting look forward to a good personal cooperation and hope to serve you for at least another 20 years. Together towards the future.


JVH hosting

Celsiusstraat 34
6716 BZ Ede

085 - 022 11 33   (support)

085 - 022 11 44   (direct contact!)

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