Protect your websites with a backup that will serve you reliably and consistently.

Backup is the cornerstone of WordPress website management. If an update fails or your website crashes, it is imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. We unburden you by performing scheduled backups and ensuring that the up-to-date backup is always ready. And since our backups are incremental and run off-site, it will back up even the most troubled websites.

Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage and can run on an hourly basis. Everything you need for a great backup.

• Monthly scheduled backup
• Off-site storage
• 1-click recovery
• Storage choice US or EU
• Manually exclude files and folders
• Receive notifications via email or Slack if your website is down
• Back-ups on demand
• Cloning / Migration Tool
• Different backup frequencies, from weekly to near real time (every hour)
• Download backups to your computer

Our backups also support multisite networks. You can backup, clone and restore your multisite network.

Your backups are kept for 90 days. If you delete the website from your dashboard, backups will be deleted after 7 days. If you re-add your website within these 7 days, your backups will still be available. If you want to store backups for longer than 90 days, enable the option to upload them to your external storage.

All features are included in our plans!

Website SLA

€ 24,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per website per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Webshop SLA

€ 29,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per webshop per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Technical details

  • Low server load

95% of the backups are done outside of your web server, which is a relief to your web server's disk space.

  • Storage in the EU and the US

You can choose to save the backups on a server in the EU or US.

  • Incremental backup

Only the new and changed files and tables are backed up, greatly increasing reliability and reducing the use of the web server.

  • Multisite backup

You have the option to backup your multisite network and choose to restore the network itself or individual subsites.