Manage Plugins & Themes

All plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates are brought together in one intuitive list. Update them with one click, put them on the ignore list, install them in bulk, deactivate or install an older version over the current one - the choice is yours.

Managing plugins and themes is the biggest time consumer. Going through all of your websites checking what needs to be updated or installed takes precious hours. This feature allows you to manage plugins, themes and their updates from a single dashboard. This allows you to run updates in minutes instead of hours.

You can also set up automatic updates - just pick a time and day of the week and let your updates run when website traffic is low.

All features are included in our plans!

Website SLA

€ 24,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per website per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Webshop SLA

€ 29,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per webshop per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Technical details

  • Summary list

Every update on every website, brought together in one list.

  • Easy updates

Update in batches or just update everything, the choice is yours.

  • Overwrite plugins & themes

With the overwrite ability you can install the same or even older version of an active plugin.

  • Bulk actions

Switching from one plugin to another? Bulk delete one plugin, and bulk install and activate the other.

  • Ignore list

Put the problematic plugin and theme updates on the ignore list, so you don’t accidentally update them.

  • Multiple plugin & theme sources

Install from the WordPress repository, Dropbox, your computer or a URL.

  • Automatic updates

Set a time and day in the week and choose which updates will be performed. Perfect for updating during hours with low traffic.