Security Panel

Viewing your WordPress security log can be time consuming and even difficult to understand. The new iThemes Security Dashboard brings your security logs to life by aggregating and displaying related items in a way that is relevant to you.

iThemes Security Dashboard uses new security widgets to organize all your security activities in a more consumable way. security widgets break down the information from the logs into easy-to-consume bite-sized data.

The security widgets do not show you every entry in the log. Instead, they only show you information related to that particular widget.

security widgets are not limited to past data. security widgets give you a real-time overview of the security activities on your site.

The dynamic security dashboard is fully customizable. You choose the widgets you want to see, the order in which they appear on your screen, and how big or small you want each widget to be. This is your dashboard that you have created for you.

The purpose of the Security Dashboard is to give you the information you want in a way that makes sense to you. You can start with a blank canvas and add only the widgets that are important to you.

All features are included in our plans!

Website SLA

€ 24,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per website per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Webshop SLA

€ 29,95

Pro SLA package includes all features

per webshop per month

(bulk discount can be discussed with multiple websites)

Technical details

  • Malware scans

View the history of your site's malware scans.

  • User security profiles

View a list of every admin user on your site. Click on a username to get their security overview.

  • User security profile

Pin a single user's profile to your dashboard and see their user role, password strength and age, whether they have two-factor authentication enabled and when they were last active on the site.

  • Active Lockouts

Display all active lockouts. If your client locked themselves out, you can quickly clear the lockout from this card.

  • Lockout

See a history of lockouts on our site.

  • Banned users

View a history if IPs banned by iThemes Security.

  • Brute Force attacks

Displays a graph that charts brute force activity.

  • Trusted devices

Displays a graph of approved, auto-approved, and blocked devices.

  • 404's

View a summary of 404's in the last 30 days.

  • Database backups

View a history of the last 30 days of backups and create a new database backup.

  • Update summary

Display the number of WordPress, plugins, and theme updates over time.