File Change Detection

Receive email notifications with recent file changes so you know if you've been hacked.

Even the best security solutions can fail. How do you know if someone is visiting your site? You will know because they will change something. File change detection will tell you which files have been changed in your WordPress installation and warn you about changes not made by yourself. Unlike other solutions, this plugin will only look at your installation and compare files with the last check instead of comparing them to a remote installation, taking into account whether or not you modify the files yourself .

Splits the checking of files into 7 parts (plugins, themes, wp-admin, wp-includes, uploads, the rest of wp content and everything else) and distributes the checks evenly over a day. This feature can result in more notifications, but makes it possible to scan larger sites, even on a slower web host.

Select which files and folders to exclude, or whether the scan should contain only the selected files and folders.

The file types listed here are not checked for changes. While it is possible to modify files such as images, it is quite rare and almost all known WordPress attacks use php, js and other text files.

If you disable this feature, the file change warning will not be displayed to the site administrator in the WordPress Dashboard. Note that disabling both the error message and the email notification will not result in file change notifications. The only way you can tell is to manually check the log files.

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